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Module 5: References and Citations
Annotated Bibliography Homework
Purpose:  To develop skills in creating an annotated bibliography (reference entries, “Works Cited with Annotations”
•    In an annotated bibliography, the APA reference entry is followed with a comment (a couple of sentences it could be a good deal more) explaining the significance of or providing a brief critique of the work cited.
•    Note:  Normally, a Reference List with annotations (Annotated Bibliography) would be in author order, but you should insert your references in the following document in the order provided by the questions below.
•    You may only use a reference once even if it fits more than one category.  The references can be about different topics.
•    All annotations should discuss the references and make comments as appropriate; sometimes the annotation includes a specific task.  In this homework, all of the references need to be annotated and sometimes there is an added requirement regarding the way you need to state the annotation part.  Hint:  Here is a reminder of some of our key vocabulary that might prove helpful in writing some of the annotations.
•    Authoritative v. non-authoritative
•    Primary v. secondary v. tertiary source
•    Scholarly v. popular v. trade publication
•    Factual v. analytical
•    Biased v. unbiased

Here is the list of the 12 sources you need to locate.  For example, in #1 you need to supply an online scholarly reference in proper APA format and in the annotation section which follows, you should justify that the particular reference is scholarly.
1.  Scholarly Article (online)

2.  Scholarly Book (Book also must be from the PN catalog category in the library; include catalog reference in your annotation)

3.  Article from a Trade Periodical

4.  Work of fiction found via the Library Database (in the annotation include information regarding the database used)

5.  Article in Wikipedia  (include description of article in annotation; your annotation should be of a factual nature)

6.  Article via Wikipedia (article or work whose reference is found in a Wikipedia article; you will have to describe the Wikipedia article in your annotation since the reference entry is only for the article itself.)

7.  Article or book or website with suspected biases (make sure to tell in your annotation why there is suspected bias in your annotation)

8. Non-fiction work which is a primary source (explain why it is primary in your annotation)

9.Reference which is a secondary source (explain why it is secondary in your annotation)

10.  Reference to a blog (annotation should include a good description of the blog, author(s) and intended audience)

11.  Reference to an original poem about forests or trees.

12.  Reference to a Picture found online (include the picture in your annotation;they should not be too big; jpg format)

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