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Innovation in carbon reduction
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Innovation Management Assignment 2015-16
Individual Research Exercise (2000 words, +/- 5%, excluding bibliography and any appendices).

Select a topic from the list below. Highlight a number of innovations within the field and research the factors affecting the innovation steps (these may include but are not limited to historical context, cultural factors, society need, organisational structures, project champions etc) and present your findings in a professional report. You should highlight where there is evidence of a managed approach to innovation. In particular you should comment on the potential for intellectual property protection. You should include a timeline. Do not get side-tracked with too much technical detail. The focus is on how a product or process innovation was managed. For guidance marks will be awarded as follows:

Style and Layout 10%
Summary Page 10%
Main content 60%
Conclusions 10%
Correct use of references 10%

Subjects are:

Innovation in carbon reduction.

Report Presentation

You should produce a professional report, with a title page followed by a summary page (300 words max) and full referencing. It should be typed using 10/12 point font with 1.5 line spacing. Material must not simply be taken from the internet (or other sources) without correct referencing. On the summary page you must give the report total word count.

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