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Instructions 10

Writing Self-Assessment

In this assignment, you will describe your perceptions of yourself as a writer.
Audience and Purpose
The audience for this document is me, your instructor.
• give some history of your experience as a writer. (e.g. I am a good writer, I hate writing, etc.)
• explain how your perceptions have changed while you’ve been in this class
• explain how you would like to change and mature as a writer (unless you are already okay with yourself as a writer — then comment on why)
• Length: approximately 300- 500 words
Evaluation Criteria
Note: Pay particular attention to the evaluation criteria for each assignment; they will help you focus on the key strategies to use for each document.
Content (50%)
• The introduction indicates the purpose of the piece
• The body addresses the issues mentioned above
• The conclusion summarizes your
perceptions and goals
Organization (25%)
• The information is chunked for the reader and organized in a logical flow. The memo has a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
• The paragraphs hold together well, and each has a unified theme.
• The transitions help link sentences and paragraphs in a flow of ideas.
Expression (25%)
• The writing is clear and concise.
• The style and tone are appropriate for the audience.
• The memo uses correct grammar, punctuation, and word choices.

The element of design will not be evaluated for this assignment, since at this point in the course we won’t have addressed it yet. However, the design of your documents will become more critical as we move forward.

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