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Instructions for Library Discovery Assignment
The following assignment is intended to help you get familiar with using the Walsh College Library. You may want to print out a copy of these instructions to use while you are looking for the information.
The objectives of this assignment are:
• To learn about all the resources the library offers for online research.
• To practice finding information on your own.
• To practice creating PowerPoint slides, especially using the screen capture and paste features.
Assignment: Create a 12-slide PowerPoint presentation using a professional-looking slide background. In your presentation, include all of the information below. For most items, you can make a screen shot or cut and paste the information right into your PowerPoint slide. Direct (word-for-word) information must be included in quotation marks so as not to plagiarize information.
List of Required Slides:
Slide 1: Create a title page with a title of your library presentation, your name, and the due date.
Slide 2: Find the Communication Research Guide on the library website pages. Include a screen capture of the page. List three other class/field research guides available that would be helpful to you given your major.
Slide 3: How can you find the COM 320 Handout from the library website? Add a screen capture of the page that shows the links to course handouts.
Slide 4: Where can you find “Evaluating Information” and the link to Evaluating Web Sites – Cornell University? List the URL for this page, then find the subheading “Evaluating Web Pages: Questions to Ask and Strategies for Getting the Answer,” and list three of the questions suggested. (Note: This is NOT the same as context.).
Slide 5: Summarize three key differences between a magazine and a journal as noted on the library’s website.
Slide 6: Do an advanced search on the Proquest/ABI Inform database using the following search criteria: Advanced search; sources from the last three years from conference papers and proceedings, magazines, and newspapers; keywords ethics, human resources, Michigan. Include a screen shot of the advanced search page with the terms entered. Also include a screen shot of the page showing the abstract and publication information for one of articles you found as a result of this keyword search.
Slide 7: Do the same search using the advanced search function in the EBSCO database. Find a different article using the same keyword search. Include a screen shot of the information. Also list three other databases that would be useful to search for information on this topic.
Slide 8: Where can you find instructions for finding an article in the Wall Street Journal? (Hint: Check the library Welcome Page.) Include a screen shot of the library page that tells you how to find articles in the online newspaper.
Slide 9: Where can you find information on “Doing a Presentation”? Is there a book that would be helpful? List the title and tell us where you would find the book
Slide 10: How can you get to the section on avoiding plagiarism on the OWL, the Online Writing Lab from Purdue University, through the library website? Include a screen shot of the page showing resources for avoiding plagiarism from the OWL site.
Slide 11: How can you contact the Walsh College librarians if you need help? List the hours for the Novi Campus library.
Slide 12: End your presentation with a list of at least three key tips about the library that you learned in completing this assignment that will help you with your class assignments at Walsh College.
Library Discovery Assignment
For this assignment, you will complete an online scavenger hunt to help you get familiar with the college’s resources for using the library online. You will need to submit your results in Microsoft PowerPoint, not Word or some other program.
View the “Instructions for Library Discovery Assignment” posted for this assignment in Week Two for details. You may want to print out the instructions to help you as you go.
Grading Rubric
This assignment will be graded with attention to these areas:
• Inclusion of all the information requested in the assignment explanation.
• Screen captures document the information found.
• Text on slides meets professional standards for correctness in terms of spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
• Slides include headings and are neat and readable. Screen captures fit on slides without going off the margins.
• Direct (word-for-word) information is in quotation marks so as not to plagiarize information.
Save your PowerPoint presentation as “library.pptx” and upload it to this dropbox folder. I will grade it within a week of the due date. Have fun!

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