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Intergration Project
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refer to the final section of the textbook
1.Porter-O’Grady, T. & Malloch, K. (2015). Quantum Leadership. Fourth edition. Sudbury: MA: Jones & Bartlett. ISBN 9781284050684.
textbook, “Synthesis and Synergy”, on pages 582 and 583. As we study this section a number of points may emerge that can be used to construct a theory about leadership.This final project is designed to bring the literature and your experiences together, into an integration paper. Using these closing paragraphs as a point of reference, build out and discuss the relationships that you believe are foundational and integral to understanding leadership. Explain how these relationships function, and what impacts they have on the nature of leadership. Clearly state within a single paragraph early in this paper, a position that you have come to believe about leadership. Then in the ensuing fifteen (15) pages minimum, not including references, develop your position and arguments. Use research references to support your ideas and where possible identify thought and literature that does not support your position. Use your own experiences and observations to reflect these ideas in practice.

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