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MMH352 International and Comparative Human Resource Management

The successful operation of a HRM programme in one country runs the prospect of floundering when applied in another because of the greater level of complexity involved. Such complexity is often defined by the type of institutional regulations and cultural expectations that surround the working conditions of an unfamiliar country in which a programme is to operate. This essay task seeks to enliven you to the diversity of working conditions that exist internationally, something that will need to be considered when developing or applying a HRM programme in multinational operations. It should also be a source of incidental interest to compare the working conditions of the countries you investigate to those found in Australia.
Assignment task
Eurofound (European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions) is a tripartite European Union Agency established to ‘provide information, advice and expertise on living and working conditions, industrial relations and managing change in Europe.’ It defines working conditions in the following way:
Conditions in and under which work is performed as regards the work environment and the time, place and organisation of work. They constitute the traditional subject matter of labour law and are regulated by all its various sources: legislation, collective agreements, work-rules, the contract of employment, and custom and practice. Nowadays, as perception of the concept moves towards the incorporation of additional factors and parameters which affect the employee psychosomatically, a broader definition of the term is coming to be accepted which also includes the economic dimension and its effects on living conditions (environmental problems connected with the work environment) and the social roles of employees (female employment) (see: www.eurofound.europa.eu.)
Drawing on this definition and combining it with understandings gained through your reading of the course, you are to undertake wider research into the working conditions that exist in two of the following three countries: China, Germany and the United States of America. Not all working conditions pertaining to the chosen counties need be referred to; only those you consider the most important. What conditions are chosen, however, must figure in both accounts of the selected countries so that direct comparisons can be made. When gathering this information, you should also note where possible any historical trends in the working
conditions of the countries being compared. This can be related to the working conditions chosen for the purposes of comparison, but it can also refer to working conditions more generally. These preliminary remarks preface the two tasks asked of you in this assignment:
(1) Provide an account that details and compares selected working conditions in two of the three countries listed above.
(2) Provide an analysis of the working conditions in the chosen countries as a means of determining whether they support the case for convergence or divergence in global working conditions.
Format, extensions and submission
In writing your paper you should carefully note the following, as you will be marked down or your paper referred depending on the transgression.
– Adhere to the word limit as set out above.
– Do not provide an executive summary or table of contents.
– Double space your work.
– Essays that use no citation will attract an automatic zero. Resubmission is not an option.
– Essays that contain no reference section listing sources cited in the text of the discussion will attract an automatic zero. Resubmission is not an option.
– Essays that do not apply correct citation format will be marked down. If you are unsure of how to cite sources, follow the links found in the ‘assessment resources’ folder found on this site. Markers will allow some leeway for minor errors if a genuine attempt to apply a correct citation format is evident.
– Essays that contain plagiarised content will be automatically referred to the Academic Progress and Disciplinary Committee. If you are unsure of what constitutes plagiarism or how to avoid it, follow the links found in the ‘assessment resources’ folder found on this site.
– All students are expected to up-load a copy of their essay into the ‘assessment’ folder by the due date.
– No extensions will be considered unless a request is submitted to the Unit Chair ([email protected]). Please note the following University policy on the requirements that need to be satisfied before an extension can be granted:
Extensions to the dates for submission of assignments will be considered only if a written request with supporting documentation is submitted and negotiated with the Unit Chair at least 72 hours before the due date/time of submission. Assignments submitted late without an extension being granted will not be marked. These assignments will be held until final grading and may be taken into consideration in a pass/fail situation. Please note that for an assignment to be considered in this manner it must be submitted no more than 7 days after
the stated due date for submission. Further, if you find yourself in this situation the Faculty of Business and Law policy in these cases is that students need to achieve at least 45% overall for any concessions for a late assessment to be taken into consideration.

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