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International Assignment

Each team will choose (a) a country AUSTRALIA is our country and (b) a multinational company which is not headquartered, but is currently conducting business in the country. Teams will be responsible for researching the MNC and the host country and for writing and presenting a paper entitled “Getting ready for an international assignment”. The paper includes three parts. Part I is an assessment of the country’s economic, political, and cultural environments. Part II presents an analysis of the company and its subsidiary in that country. Part III discusses the potential organizational and managerial problems in the subsidiary given the characteristics of the country and the company/subsidiary, and offers strategies that could be used to counter these problems.
The paper should demonstrate students’ knowledge and understanding of the critical issues of accepting an international assignment, their ability to collect the necessary country-, industry-, organization-, and subsidiary-level data, as well as their teamwork and presentation skills. It should be based on thorough research of various sources including library resources, company documentation, personal interviews, and personal experience in a country and/or a company.

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