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Coursework must be submitted in MS Word format. All work must be word processed in 12 point font Times New Roman or Ariel and double spaced.

Please ensure that you provide the following details on the first page of your coursework:
Student Number
Module Name and Number
Coursework question
Word count

WORD LIMIT – 3500 words (maximum)

The word limit does not include footnotes, appendices or bibliography. Footnotes must be used for references only. Any narrative or description contained within footnotes or appendices will be disregarded by the marker. References must be made in OSCOLA format. (Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities)
The following rules apply to word limits for the coursework assessment:
a. Word count includes everything in the main body of the text (including headings, tables, citations, quotes, lists, etc.).
b. The references, footnotes (provided footnotes only include references) and bibliography are NOT included in the word count.
c. There is no penalty for exceeding the word count but the marker WILL stop reading once the word limit has been reached and nothing further will be taken into account in the allocation of marks. Therefore students will be penalised for a failure to be concise and for failing to conclude their work appropriately.
d. The word count needs to be clearly and correctly stated on the title page of the assignment. Incorrectly understating the word count constitutes an assessment offence and may result in further action.

1. Critically analyse the impact of the Recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force (2012) against financial crime.
References must be made in OSCOLA format

Feel free to use appropriate number of references


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