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Internet Computer Simulations

Internet Computer Simulations. This activity involves negotiating over the internet through a computer simulation. You can access this simulation on almost any computer that has access to the internet. Go to http://www.zap.ca/demo.htm. This game involves negotiating the sale of art within a business to business environment. If you are successful, you will eventually reach a screen that states “Congratulations! You achieved the best possible outcome.” Please print that page or do a “print screen” followed by opening Microsoft Word and doing a “paste” on your computer. Print that page. If you found this useful, then you might want to continue with some other similar simulations. If you chose to continue with these bonus opportunities, you will need to pay $5.00 to join zap for one month and then you can play: “Union Vs. Management,” “Professionalism and Ethics,” and “The Raise.” You can access those games at: www.sfhgonline.com/secure/zap2/register.asp When you finish each simulation, you will again reach a screen that states something like: “Congratulations! You achieved the best possible outcome,” or some lesser outcome may also be reported. Again, please do a print screen; then paste that onto a Microsoft Word document. Submit that to your professor along with a note identifying the name of the simulation along with the promise shown above that you worked alone. Each of these successfully completed simulations is worth up to 4 bonus points each for a total of up to 16 maximum points. None of the other simulations available from zap will qualify for these bonus points. The deadline for turning in this project is during class on November 11.

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