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For this assignment, you must interview two adults over the age of 40. All answers should be detailed. Yes/No answers will not be accepted. Ask for explanations for each of the below questions.
For the purposes of this questionnaire, privacy is defined as how businesses use the information they collect from you. Personal information is any information that is attributed to you individually (name, address, email address, names of family members, social security number, credit card information, financial information, medical information, etc.).

1.    Define the word privacy.
2.    Are you aware that many Internet sites record your activity?
3.    How concerned are you about security on the Internet? Please explain.
4.    Do you consider sites recording your Internet activity with your knowledge to be a violation of privacy? Please explain.
5.    Do you consider sites recording your Internet activity without your knowledge to be a violation of privacy? Please explain.
6.    Are you concerned about your personal information being transmitted over the Internet? Please explain why?
7.    Do you believe that the Federal Government should implement laws dealing with how companies can use your personal information?  Please explain by listing at least two things that should be included in the law.
8.    Who do you believe should be held responsible if your personal information can be found on the Internet?  Please explain.

. Please answer the questions in a Word document and then upload it for grading or complete the answers in the text editor. Remember, I am looking for detailed and supported answers

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