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Interview Individual Assignment (40 points) This assignment includes seeking out, finding an entrepreneur, owner of a business in a similar business, industry as your new venture and to ask them about their experience, what they enjoy most, their challenges, keys to success, details about their Entrepreneurial journey and seek their assistance on your project. Be sure to ask specific questions about how they started their business, did they have a plan, outside investors, are they happy running, working on their own business? Ask them about specific marketing, employee, operation operations and challenges they encountered in the first months and years as the business grew. The objective of this assignment to gain valuable knowledge about your new business, industry for your business plan and to help you better undertand the keys to success and challenges of starting, owning, running your own business. The summary of this conversation should be submitted in a 2-4 page typewritten report in question or summary form. Also, be sure to focus on their experience, learnings about starting a business, how it is to own and manage the business. More than a press release about their business. Your specific learnings, industry information, actionable plans that you will include in your new business plan need to be part of your summary. Include contact information, card, website, address on your entrepreneur. Also, include your learning, thoughts about their business, what specific ideas, tactics, plans you will use to create your own success and what you don’t believe still works or applies to your new venture. Networking is an important part of starting a new business, you need to find a business owner you do not know, do not work for and are not related to, so that you emulate the real experience of networking for new business contacts and resources. Your learnings and thoughts on the Entrepreneur and their business are important This is an individual assignment. The goal is for all the team members to find different people who own, have started a business in your industry and learn from their experience. This is an in-person, NOT an email or phoned in discussion. I recommend getting started early, finding, contacting and arranging an interview time with an Entrepreneur. I wouldn’t leave this to the week or days before it is due. The person you want to interview maybe very busy or last minute cancel, and you need to be sure to have time to reschedule. Plus the sooner you talk to a person who is working in your business, the sooner you get the opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable information for your business plan. PLEASE DO THIS IN LOS ANGELES AREA, THANKS!! I WILL UPLOAD OUR PROJECT, My product is going to be a beer that is “healthier” for the consumer and help the consumer gain muscle while drinking their favorite party beverage. The ingredients will contain protein, less calories, less sugar, electrolytes, and added energy.
SO, In this case, please interview an entrepreneur, owner of a very small brew house in los angeles County only.
you can make up..
please find very small shop

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