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Intro Robotics & Automation

Project description
pleas i want the writer to do this 5 things for me , i want the answers correct.

1. Create a seal-in (or latch) for a two start-button and two stop-button system.

2. Create a mutually exclusive system that will seal in two different outputs (while not allowing them to both run at the same time) (they should only switch after being stopped, first).

3. Pushing a start button will turn on a light to show that the timer has started. Another light will turn on for only 3 seconds. A third light will turn on after three seconds. A different button should turn all the lights off.

4. Pushing a button will turn on a light. 2 seconds later the light will turn off and another light will turn on. 2 seconds later the second light will turn off and a third light will turn on. 2 seconds after that the light will turn off.

5. After pushing a button a counter will increment. Another button will decrement the counter. When the counter is greater than 2 and less than 4 a light will turn on. Another button will reset the counter.

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