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Introduction, Advantages and Disadvantages

1. History of ICD-10
One of the points that I would like you to mention is (London Bills of mortality, Farr) and carry on please about the history.
2. Movement from ICD-9 to ICD-10
A. Why?
B. Richer codes?
C. More diseases?
D. Add another points please
3. ICD-10 Structure
(I want you to write about epidemiology)
Add another points please
o For patients (2-3 points)
o For the health of the public (2-3 points)
o For healthcare providers (2-3 points)
5. Disadvantages:
o Complexity of the classification
o Loss of productivity
o Data quality
o Data source
o Add more points
6. Migration to ICD-11
7. Who should code? Physician or clinical coder?
8. References

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