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Introduction to Business Information Systems

Assessment overview
This assessment follows on from Assessment 1. In this task you will take on a more strategic role
for CMP. The purpose is for you to demonstrate skills in analysing and forecasting future sales
trends utilising an Excel spreadsheet. You will also be expected to demonstrate research and
written skills in responding to specific queries raised by the General Manager and finally, you will
be asked to make recommendations combining an analysis of your spreadsheet and your
Assessment details
This assessment is based on the following case study:
Business report and structure
In order to maintain a competitive edge and see the company continue to grow, Michael needs to
make strategic decisions based on future projections. He has asked you to provide him with the
following information in the form of a business report:
? An executive summary [not included in word count].
? A table of contents [not included in word count].
? Body of report must include:
Combined Milk Products Pty Ltd (CMP)
Combined Milk Products Pty. Ltd. (CMP) was founded in 1963. From humble beginnings as a milk
processor for the local dairy farmers, the company has grown into a multi-million dollar mixed-
product firm with a strong penetration in the Australian market, and a developing export business.
CMP produces a large range of milk products such as whole milk, reduced fat, skinny, flavoured etc.,
and also butter, cheese, yoghurt, and dried milk.
The operational information required to run the company, such as sales trends, distributor
information, promotional information and so on, are not always documented well with some key
information known only to a few senior employees. Although the company has a website it only
includes basic information such as contact details and product types so it is unclear whether this
website generates any new business. In fact, CMP uses very little marketing and although they have
been quite successful to date by relying on word of mouth, the General Manager, Michael Johnson,
believes more can be done in this area.
INF10003 Introduction to Business Information Systems
o Part A: responses to queries which investigate issues in technology and business
with in-text references.
o Part B: two graphs created in Microsoft Excel that show future projections for
2014 and 2015 with short descriptions for each.
? Conclusions and overall recommendations
? Reference list, using Harvard style. [not included in word count].

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