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introduction to vocal

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Question: Vocal Health and Care
Healthy vocal production
Students are reminded not to plagiarise or paraphrase, and are required to reference (both in-text and in a reference list) all sources cited. Maximum of 1400 words. All references are required to be in the APA style. https://www.usq.edu.au/library/referencing/apa-referencing-guide
Word Limit:
n 1400 words

With reference to unit readings and individual research, students discuss the voice as an expressive instrument. Specific essay topics will be outlined and distributed in the Week 4 Lecture.

The essay will be assessed on discussion of:

anatomical and physiological voice function
appropriate voice use
vocal technique for singing
musical expression through singing
vocal health strategies
vocal care strategies
substabtiated argument using unit readings and individual research
appropriate referencing (APA) and writing style

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