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Islam Current Event Discussion

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In the lecture, I briefly discussed the rise of ISIS/ISIL. For this assignment, I am providing several different articles that are related to ISIS but from a different angle- articles about Muslim leaders rising against ISIS, the world response to ISIS, and some stories of families whose adult children have denounced their family in order to join ISIS. Tying these all together, how do you think this information compares to any media converage or responses you have experienced about ISIS? Why do you think a small extremist group is gaining so much ground and how do you feel about the response to the threat of ISIS?

Sunni and Shiite British Imams Denounce ISIS Together


Islamic State: Where Countries Stand


Words Matter in ISIS War, So Use “Daesh”


What Is the ISIS Appeal for Young People?


For Jihadists, Denmark Tries Rehabilitation

US Military Plan for Looming ISIS Offensive Takes Shape


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