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Issue for analysis: Compare the health systems of France and the United Kingdom using the tools we discussed in lectures and what you have learned from discussions and readings, and decide which syste
Look particularly at the methods of funding health care (government vs. private), and the results the care generates. You will need to use information from tables from the OECD and WHO websites. There are many other sources also available on a variety of websites.
You will need to look beyond the basic data on healthcare provision. Look also at income per capita and any other measures you think are relevant. You will find some differences. Try to work out how important they are to the overall. To produce a first class piece, you will need to go beyond the health care system, and look briefly at the political and economic circumstances in the two countries.
What economists are really interested in is how “well-off” people are, and that doesn’t just mean monetarily well-off.

*Text book name: Palmer, George R. and Maria Theresa Ho “Health Economics: A Critical and Global Analysis” (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2008)

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