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issue of perception in the work place

-This paper should focus on the question: is there is a sacrifice between motherhood and c-suit positions, or is it more of a perception that there is a sacrifice (that women can’t do both).
– Also, the perception spills over to men–the perception that if men choose to stay at home instead of working they are not providers and “real” men.
-Please make sure the thesis is clear and the introduction details the outline of the paper.
-Please use subtitles within the paper as needed.
-The structure of the paper: I’m thinking intro (including thesis), paragraphs pertaining to the issue of perception regarding women, then move on the men, then talk about a solution and put it in larger context. How it is not a women problem (or a mans problem) it is a workplace problem. Follow with conclusion.
-This is just an idea, feel free to deviate from it and write which makes more sense to you.

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