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Issues of Security in Ecommerce

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There are two topics you need to write about it
1-Cyber security
The student shall select as a minimum one paper each from two different courses, or substitute other suitable articles with the approval of the student’s advisor. The student shall then integrate the information from these papers with at least two additional technical papers found by the student into a coherent exposition which describes a technical problem related to these two topics. Further additional reference material consisting of other scholarly papers is strongly encouraged. These additional reference materials may be from any appropriately technical source (Note Wikipedia is not considered an appropriate technical source).

The exit paper serves as a direct measure for the department in assessing the learning of the students throughout their tenure in the program. A subset of the program’s objectives and desired outcomes that is used for program assessment and measured through the exit paper is provided in the following table. Specifically, the integration of subtopics from two courses into the topic of the exit paper allows the students the opportunity to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and also to integrate knowledge from multiple computer science or information systems sub-topics.
Program Objectives    Student Learning Outcomes
Possess knowledge and comprehension of the state-of the-art of advanced computer science or information systems.

Ability to relate and integrate knowledge from multiple computer science or information systems sub-topics.    Students shall have the knowledge to successfully apply to PhD program for further study.

Students shall demonstrate ability to integrate multiple computing or IS concepts.

Students shall be able to evaluate and discriminate solutions from multiple computing or IS concepts.

Student shall demonstrate understanding of the core concepts presented throughout the courses required for the degree, and demonstrate their ability to synthesize concepts from multiple courses.

Assessment Rubrics for the Exit paper Report
The Exit paper Report shall be assessed for its quality based on the following rubrics:
1.    Scope and novelty of the topic
2.    Depth of understanding of the technical concepts
3.    Organization of the document
4.    Clarity of writing
The grading form which the faculty will use is attached to the end of this document.
Format for the Exit Paper
The Exit paper Report shall be presented in the form of a 20 page (double spaced 12 point Times New Roman font) document to be reviewed by the student’s academic advisor and one other appropriate faculty member.
The outline for the document shall be as follows:
9.     5. REFERENCES

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