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Jason Morgan Ward’s Defending White Democracy: The Making of a Segregationist Movement and the Remaking of Racial Politics 196-1965

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Instructions when the book is set? – what american history is the book in. – explain the authors argument – the author’s thesis their main point or conclusion what evidence is used.how does he use this evidence. how does the authors evidence support his argument Conclusion – what era of history is coming next It is also about how convincing the author is/are in making their conclusion (thesis) seem true ?When reviewing works of non-fiction, you should concentrate on the argument presented rather than merely summarizing each of the events, issues, and subjects that they bring up in their writing ?Locate the author’s thesis—their main point or conclusion Historical sources are they using to tell their story and to make their argument ? Evaluate each chapter of the book and think about why the author/filmmakers included the information that they did in each chapter/section. How does each chapter/section form a major portion of the author’s or filmmakers’ overall argument? ?Ask yourself if the authors succeeded in making their thesis seem true—that is if the author/ filmmakers is/are convincing or not ? What kind of portrayal of the past in the author’s study is evident in your interpretation of the non-fiction work that you have read? Is the story one with a happy ending or not? Do the characters attain justice or not? What kind of society is the author essentially describing in their writing and their argument? ? Who has agency – that is, who MAKES CHANGE OCCUR in the author’s or filmmakers’ telling of events? ?How applicable is the author’s’ argument and conclusion (thesis) to present-day issues?

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