Jung's Archetypal Psychology cross-referenced with Chinese Medicine, manifested in DreamWork

Topic: Jung’s Archetypal Psychology cross-referenced with Chinese Medicine, manifested in DreamWork

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This is a Dissertation Proposal. The thesis states: While Carl Jung’s exposure to Chinese classics such as the Secret of the Golden Flower and the I Ching, certainly influenced him, Jung did not fully integrate the Daoist concept of vital life-force energy (Qi ?), as understood in its original philosophical and cultural usage, into his work. Thus, a thorough exploration of the manifestation of Qi as experienced in dream narratives may enhance and even accelerate one’s journey toward individuation. Through the use of Projective Dream Work, this integrative understanding may lead to an expanded interface between Archetypes and Chinese Medicine that may be referred to as Archetypal Energy Psychology. ” You may expand that as you like. The point is that Jung would approve of a more closely knit understanding of archetypes as purely energetic in nature. Our definition of “energetic” will be informed by Daoist philosophy / cosmology / and medicine. It MUST meet the criteria of the attached “criteria for evaluating PhDs” You can use the outline contained in the doc “Dream Group-St Marys” as the general outline of my argument. The following references need to be used to support the argument: Jeremy Taylor “The Wisdom of Your Dreams” Expound on his “Tool kit” as the case studies use his method of Projective Dreamwork “The Living Labyrinth” Chap 1 Use this to argue that archetypes are not static, but can be understood in a number of ways Carl Jung “Dreams” Expound on why Jung thinks Dreams can be a method for individuation. Reference Jung’s introductions to the I Ching, as well and especially to the Secret of the Golden Flower.” Collected Works 8 and 9.1–Use Vol 8 sec 1 “On Psychic Energy” to make the argument that Jung would consider “Energy” “Qi” as a major part of the Psyche Phil Mollon “Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy” To define Energy Psychology Michael Mayer “Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy” esp. Chap 4. He links Energy Psychology with its more ancient roots in Chinese medicine and Qigong. He’s the only author to do that. Maoshing Ni “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine” Give the historical reference where this fits in. and reference p. 66 “Dreams can also help us diagnose a person’s illness.” Leon Hammer, “Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies” Esp his description of The Five Phases, Chap 5 Give a basic description of the Five Phases. Give this a very thorough description Giovanni Maciocia “The Psyche in Chinese Medicine” Esp. Chap 3, p. 29-31, p. 39-40 He references Jung directly, and describes the connection between Wood Element / Hun / and Dreams Hopefully you will see where each of these references can be inserted into the “St. Mary’s” outline.

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