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Kallessi McTavish owns a hotel which is managed by Maya Stork. In her role as manager Maya is permitted to order supplies of various kinds for the hotel, on the condition that any individual order of more than £150 must be approved by Kallessi. Additionally Maya is not permitted to order expensive shampoo and shower gels. All the regular suppliers to the hotel are aware of these restrictions.

In the past few weeks, Maya has made five orders to a new supplier. All of these orders were worth more than £150 and the final one was for several boxes of very expensive shampoo and shower gels. Kallessi paid the supplier’s invoices for the first two orders, but is refusing to pay the other three.

Maya Stork is now concerned that she might be liable for the cost of the expensive shampoo and shower gels. Advise Maya Stork.


(B)    If Kallessi Mc Tavish and Maya Stork cannot settle this dispute between them and the supplier outline and describe which Scottish Court it is likely to be heard in. Give examples of the types of cases this court will hear and the types of personnel who might be found there.

Important attention:Reference must use footnote style ,like below

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