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Kant’s enlightenment

came up with the idea based on Kants enlightment age of reason focused both on religion and science. In today’s society, the Jahova Witness would rather wish the illness away than be healthy using our scientific technology to better them. Must include data of their members decreasing bc of their beliefs.

Portfolio?  What Portfolio?
Here are detailed instructions for your paper
As mentioned above, this is a writing intensive class.  Therefore, we will work together to help you end this class with an 1800 or greater word paper that analyzes (note: not just summarizes) a reading or set of theoretically related readings (e.g., Marx’s writings on class and the Communist Manifesto), and then applies them to a social problem or issue today.  This is to display your ability to not only master the material, but also show that it can still be applicable in modern life.

In previous years, students have written an analysis of the university cafeteria through game theory, or an analysis of their fraternity through Durkheimian notions of sacred objects and social rituals.  Your topic is up to you, although I encourage you to approve it with the TA or me before you begin writing.

From a Journal Article:

•    Last, First Initial. (YEAR). Article title.  Journal Title, Volume number (Issue Number), #-#.
•    Title caps?
•    Hanging indent?

For example…

•    Maloney, P. (2012). Theory is awesome. Journal of Theory and Other Cool Stuff, 30(1), 15-35.

From a Book:

•    Last, First I. (Year). BookTitle. City, ST: Publisher.

For example…

•    Maloney, P. (2012). Grad school gastronomy: The baller’s guide to the Foreman Grill. Lubbock, TX: Sofia’s Kitchen Publishing.

For the Selected Reading specifically
In Text Citation
•    History agrees that class conflict has always been a relevant issue (Marx &Engels [1848]1994 : p. PAGE NUMBER/s).
•     The writings of Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels ([1848] 1994, p. PAGE NUMBER) suggests that class conflict exists
In the Bibliography:
Marx, K., & Engels, F. (1848). “History as a Class Struggle” in R. Collins, ed. Four
Sociological Traditions: Selected Readings (pp. 254-290).  New York: Oxford University Press.

What if the article/book/website is?
•    There are different ways you have to cite for articles or books with multiple authors, or for electronic references (3 to 5-name all, then et al.).
•    Ignorance is not an excuse.  Use the resources on the Purdue website on the next slide (they really cover everything) or ask a librarian.
•    Remember, plagiarism can cost you financial aid, recommendations, your grade on an assignment or a course, or even your college career.

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