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Labor in UAE become the new pressure paper in the hand of international organizations

This is the first part of my capstone requirement (( all the information is included in the attachment )) The hole project: 5000-8000 word

Firstly, I need do this two steps please

1. Topic selection :provide the research question and significance of research question (( 100-200 word ))
2. Literature review : Describes the existing debate on the research question, including both academic and policy analysis on the question (( 1000 word ))

I have to explain Why do I consider this as an threat to UAE national interest “ I saw many student last year write on this matter from the prospective of the demographics and the negative impact on the identity , and the increasing of crime rate , the effect on security “ I want to concentrate on the  international organizations and the deceive reports from HRW , ILO , and anti – human trafficking , the incitement of the western countries to the labor Asian and African countries to lobby against UAE and gulf countries , UAE should reforming rules and regulation , and insists on applying the punishment over the runaway labor and the companies even individual who mistreated the labor , the rights of both sides , the transfer of the experience from the skilled labor to UAE national citizen , to replace the technology initiative instead of increasing the number of labor like Etisalat call center labor who work in Egypt and India , How to balance between economic growth and increase employment , To maintain the balance between the state and the values of the Islamic determinants and allow foreigners freedom , the challenge we may face to prepare to host Expo 2020

The role of ministry of foreign affairs and ministry of interior and ministry of labor (( I can get information from this ministries , just guide me and let me what kind of information my research will need and I will get it ))

The Labor in UAE become the new pressure paper in the hand of international organizations “ your edit on the title most welcome of course “

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