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lack of crime during this crisis in terms of Japanese communitarian culture:

Week6: Read the following and answer discussion 1& 2 questions:

In the spring of 2011, Japan was hit by a major earthquake, followed by a devastating tsunami. In the media coverage following the disaster, several experts commented on the lack of crime, particularly looting, in the aftermath of the disaster.

Read this newspaper article explaining the lack of crime during this crisis in terms of Japanese communitarian culture:

Brush, K. (2011, March 16). No Looting in Japan. Seattle Business Insight Examiner. Retrieved from

The cultural characteristics discussed in this article have also been used to explain why the United States has historically had much higher violent crime rates than Japan.
•    Explain how well reintegrative shaming would work in Japan versus the United States, based on the cultural comparisons discussed in this article. Use examples from the article to support your argument.
•    Hypothesize how these cultural differences might affect interdependency at the micro level. Provide examples to substantiate your response.

Discussion 2:
The U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics produces annual reports of the state of crime in the U.S. based on the National Crime Victimization Surveys. In 2009, it created a special report on female victims of violence.

Read the following report, paying close attention to Figure 1:

Catalono, S., Smith, E., Snyder, H., & Rand, M. (2009). Female Victims of Violence. (Bureau of Justice Statistics Selected Findings). Retrieved from
http://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/content/pub/pdf/fvv.pdf. [PDF File Size 368 Kb]
•    Choose one of the theories covered in this module to explain the gender differences shown in Figure 1 of this report.
•    What are the strengths and limitations of your chosen theory, with respect to explaining this particular figure? Provide examples to substantiate your response.

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