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Land Conservation

1. Explain the definition of Land Conservation according to Chapter 15 in your textbook.
2. Approximately how many total acres in the contiguous US are protected by all of the various parties combined?

A.463 million acres
B.91 million acres
C.600 million acres
D.1 billion acres
3. According to your textbook, the federal government owns approximately  ____________ percent of the total land area in the contiguous US.
4. Summarize the 3 types of incentives that federal programs use to encourage conservation on private lands.
6. Select one of the federal agricultural conservation programs listed in Box 15.2 in your textbook. Write a properly cited short essay, summarizing the program. You will need to do research beyond your textbook in order to sufficiently answer this question. Be sure to properly cite any sources (including your text) both within your essay and in a references section at the end of this question.
7. In your own words, what is urban sprawl and why does it have special meaning for environmental management?
8. What roles do pedestrians, bicycles, public transportation, and personal vehicles play in environmental land management?
9. An  _____________ is a geographic cross section or gradient of a region that identifies a set of human and natural environments that vary by their level and intensity of urbanization.
10. In your own words, what is meant by the term “SmartCode” as it is used in Chapter 16?
11. Explain why it is that your textbook states, “The urban multifamily green household consumes just 21% of the suburban average and 40% of the suburban green household”?

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