Law for business

Law for business

Style Guide:
Your assignment must comply with the style requirements set out in ‘The Note System-Referencing with Footnotesa and The Australian Guide to Legal Citation ( AGLC).Adequate referencing means that all sources used in preparing the assignment (including textbook Barron, Fundamentals of Business Law (7th Revised Ed 2013 or 7th Edition 2013 and legislation) must be identified in a Bibliography at the end of the assignment ,and all use of sources(including quotes ,paraphrasing or other use of ideas from any source) must be comprehensively footnoted in the body of the assignment. You must use footnotes. Do not use endnotes. Harvard style referencing is not to be used for the assignment.

Criteria for assessment:

In marking the assignment the following factors will be considered:
• • A clear and logical structure
• • Accuracy of identification of relevant issues
• • Evidence of ability to analyse issues
• • Strength of argument put forward to justify conclusions
• • Clarity of thought and expression (including grammar and spelling)
• • Adequacy of referencing (including footnotes and bibliography)
• • Word count (the stipulated word length should be considered as a minimum and maximum word count limit)

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