Leadership Ethics And Integrity



One critical part of a leader’s role is ethics and integrity. As you prepare your action plan, consider the ethics of leadership. Effective leaders inspire trust through their behaviors and personal integrity. Consider some of the characteristics of your own ethical behaviors and leadership integrity, and add this section to your Leadership Style Action Plan this week.


Write about the 2 most important values of leadership: ethics and integrity.

How will you maintain high standards of integrity as a leader?


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Sample Solution


As a leader, it is essential to uphold the values of ethics and integrity. These two principles form the foundation for trust and support from those who you lead or have influence over. As such, I believe that in order to ensure effective leadership outcomes, high standards of ethical behavior and personal integrity must be maintained at all times.

First and foremost, as an ethical leader I will always strive to act with honesty and integrity in my decisions. This means being open about my reasons for making a decision, acknowledging different perspectives on any issue, and being willing to listen to other people’s opinions before coming to a conclusion. Additionally, should I make a mistake or if something goes wrong due to my actions or decisions then I will take full responsibility without shifting blame elsewhere. Furthermore, by adhering strictly to both professional codes of conduct as well as local laws I will further demonstrate my commitment towards upholding high standards of ethical behaviour in every aspect of my work life.

In addition to acting honestly when delivering services or leading projects, building relationships based upon mutual respect is also an integral part of maintaining trustworthiness among colleagues. To this end it is important that leaders treat employees fairly regardless of their race/gender/sexual orientation etc., offer clear direction when it comes time for employees to execute tasks assigned by me and provide meaningful feedback in ways that are timely yet constructive so that employees can learn from their mistakes and grow professionally rather than feeling disheartened after receiving negative comments about their performance which may lead them into becoming demotivated with regards future tasks assigned by me down the line.. Additionally where necessary providing adequate training opportunities so they can better equip themselves with the skills needed for them excel within the workplace environment would go even further towards establishing trust between myself & colleagues under me whilst simultaneously enabling us all achieve greater successes together going forward too!

Finally , developing powerful communication skills is also very important element when creating strong bonds amongst colleagues but more importantly educating how company policies should be explained clearly & concisely while still keeping everyone informed without having fail into condescending tone this way helping avoid potential conflicts arising due misaligned expectations being set out on either side thus ensuring peace& harmony throughout workplace remains unperturbed . Moreover taking initiative show genuine concern each individual’s well-being outside scope work related activities would reflect positively back not only onto myself but organisation whole ultimately resulting increased productivity achieved across board due rising morale levels observed throughout group

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