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Leading Effective Organizations
This paper is to reflect some the the theories presented over the course for the last six weeks.

What is leadership and describe your theory of leadership?

What makes good or effective leaders; What qualities do they possess?;
What do they do? How do they behave?,

How leaders develop/How to develop leaders? the importance of perception, observation and reflection.

Why is it important to build effective relationships with peers and superiors

Does every successful leader have a valid theory of leadership?

Is leadership just another word for influence?

Can a leaders public and private morality be distinguished

The importance of emotional intelligence/personality to an effective leader.

The importance of developing, motivating, employee satisfaction and empowerment.

This is the books we are using for class:

Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience Hughes, Ginnett, and Curphy, (2010). 7
Edition, Irwin – McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 978-0-07-811265-2

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2001).
ISBN: 1-55798-791-2 (5th or 6th edition)

Reframing Academic Leadership. Bolman & Gallos, (2011). Jossey-Bass. ISBN:978-0-7879-

The also strongly recommend that we peruse these periodicals as frequently as you can:
1. Fast Company
2. Bloomberg BusinessWeek
3. Chronicle of Higher Education
4. Harvard Education Review
5. Harvard Business Review
6. New York Times
7. Washington Post

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