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ASSESSMENT SUMMARY Assignment 1 —Explaining concepts—your choice
1500 words

Assignment 1—Explaining Concepts—Your Choice
There are several parts to this assignment, so please read these directions carefully.
1. Choose a knowledge management concept.
You need to choose a concept directly related to knowledge management theory. It is important to scope this concept carefully. It should not be too large—communities of practice, for example, is far too big. On the other hand, legitimate peripheral participation—a concept that underpins communities of practice—would be a good choice. Knowledge transfer is too large, but absorptive capacity would be another good choice. You will quickly find out if your chosen concept is too large when you undertake the next step.
2. Create an explanation
The word ‘create’ is used deliberately. You may choose to write an explanation of the concept, or you may choose to record your explanation in another format. A restriction here is that whatever format you choose, it must be digital or otherwise capable of being transferred by an electronic means. In more specific terms students will need to submit this assessment in one of the two formats:
• Choose the format you wish to create an explanation in: written explanation or digital recording. – Written explanation: if you do not have access to digital technology, simply write your explanation in the form of a script that can be recorded in an .rtf document (e.g. type your explanation in a word document and save it as .rtf).
– Digital recording: students have the choice of creating an audio or visual recording of their explanation. Digital recordings will need to be saved in an acceptable format (for example: mp3, wma or mov).

• Referencing: normal APA citations will not apply to scripts and sound recordings, to make the work flow better, use words such as ‘Wenger stated in 1999 that …’ and enclose an attachment with the references listed.
• Submissions: students will need to submit their work by posting it on FLO. If the file is too large contact your lecturer to make alternative arrangements. Submitting a video tape via mail, for example, will receive a Fail grade because the facility to communicate the information easily is a key part of the task.

The focus of this task is to have you create something that will benefit you, your fellow students and ultimately future students. At the end of the semester, after the grades are determined, you may be asked for permission to include your assessment on FLO as a permanent entry.
See the FLO for assessment rubrics.
These are the rubrics please stick in these:

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