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Leticia Lua

in narrative form write in chronological order about this girl I will give you the info she gave me for the interview

must begin with On Thursday 15, 2015 at 0900 hours in room 109 in Milavec Hall Monroe College interviewed Leticia Lua. The following are the result of the interview

“my birthday is on January 8, 2 brothers one older and one younger, they go to Monroe too. I wanna be a detective sergeant. I have a Facebook snapchat Instagram. I’m always on my phone. I live in port Chester. I love food. I’m pretty outgoing. I love the color purple. My favorite movie is the dark knight. I have three tattoos. I went to the college of new Rochelle for my first year of college and hated it. I live with both my parents. We r Mexican. They are super strict. I have one best friend. Her name is Stephanie. We have been friends for almost nine years. I love horror movies. On my free time I like to go shopping. I work at modells. I hate is. I’m a key person. Lol btw put it in a good order. Also she like to think I’m  a hairstylist and dye my hair and sometimes it doesn’t workout so i miss school so i can correct my mess up and fix my hair”

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