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Liberty Global


In 2013 Liberty Global, an American organization, agreed to purchase a stake in Virgin Media to expand their European broadband operations and as a result of the merger will be serving 14 countries and 25 million customers.

Their plans as a result of this merger are to move their Head Quarters from Delaware in the USA to London and to also seek to expand their operations in the telecoms sector in Europe, namely in mobile phones and business telecoms through the experience already gained in this sector by Virgin.

You can research more background information about the merger, but the following reports will give you some initial information:

Liberty Global Completes GBP15bn Takeover of UK Cable ISP Virgin Media

You are the HR Director of Liberty Global in the USA and have been asked, and agreed, to relocate to London to manage European HR matters. Liberty have  decided that the first stage of their expansion will be to offer businesses line rental  and broadband in mainland Europe within the same geographical areas in which they currently operate.

As HR Director you have been asked to prepare a report for the remainder of the
European Senior Management Team and potential shareholders which:

Question 1
Outline your proposed strategy with regards to recruiting and selecting personnel for
the new business and broadband call centre. You should identify a ‘typical’ role and explain the process which you propose the organisation should follow to recruit and select personnel / a person to the position identified giving justification for your  choices.

Question 2
HRM is not just about recruitment and selection;it is also about determining an  organisation’s strategy towards the management and development of employees. With support from the literature, outline your proposed strategy towards employee  development, performance management, employee engagement and reward  strategies.

Assignment Task 2

Reflect on your learning from the HRM module. From either the perspective of a
future line manager / HR manager, what do you perceive your key objectives are
with regards to HRM?

Word count : Task 1 – 4775 words (maximum)

Word count :Task 2 – 1,000 words (maximum)

Maximum total word count : 5775 words

The assignment should include : a title page containing your name, the appendices if relevant; and a  reference list in Harvard format. You should address all the elements of the assignment task listed below.

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