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Library Discovery Assignment
For this assignment, you will complete an online scavenger hunt to help you get familiar with the college’s resources for using the library online. You will need to submit your results in Microsoft PowerPoint, not Word or some other program.
View the “Instructions for Library Discovery Assignment” posted for this assignment in Week Two for details. You may want to print out the instructions to help you as you go.
Grading Rubric
This assignment will be graded with attention to these areas:
• Inclusion of all the information requested in the assignment explanation.
• Screen captures document the information found.
• Text on slides meets professional standards for correctness in terms of spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
• Slides include headings and are neat and readable. Screen captures fit on slides without going off the margins.
• Direct (word-for-word) information is in quotation marks so as not to plagiarize information.
Save your PowerPoint presentation as “library.pptx” and upload it to this dropbox folder.

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