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Literacy Block Planning

Purpose: Demonstrate a practical command of a repertoire of approaches and strategies that reflect current best English literacy teaching, learning assessment practices.

Task: Plan a two hour literacy block for a year 4 classroom (one hour reading, one hour writing) incorporating the teaching approaches associated with reading and writing: Read/write aloud/modelled, shared, guided, independent/guided practice reflection.

1. Introduction: Information about the text you are using as the focus text. Explain the structure and organisation of the text type as well as the purpose and text forms associated with it, with appropriate references. (For example the purpose of an exposition is to persuade). Refer to in AusVELS ( Australian Curriculum) English level 4 for text types.

2. The learning focus/intentions of your two hour literacy block with reference to AusVELS English (Australian Curriculum) English level 4. Define any terms using references to support your definitions.

3. The structure and planning of the entire 2 hour literacy block including key questions and both students and teacher activities using the the template (will attach).

4. Conclusion: Summarise how listening and speaking has been included with the 2 hour literacy block and some comment on future lessons and teaching that could take place.

5. Reference: include in text citations and a reference list of all the sources used throughout the assignment, using APA6 referencing conventions
Minimum references: 1 journal article
1 text book
1 website

6. Appendices: include a copy of the script for your modelled/shared reading and writing.

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