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Compose a 4-5 page paper that incorporates a minimum of three substantial outside sources to assist with the development of a thesis connected to the prompt presented below.

***You may not use Internet websites to gather info.

***You may use full-text articles from established magazines and journals. Of course books are also useful, so start your browsing early.

The paper must use MLA format and documentation (including a Works Cited page).
The Prompt:

Choose one theme apparent in either movie, Wit or Death of a Salesman and show how it compares and contrasts with a similar or related theme expressed both in one short story and one poem read this term.

Of course be certain to offer direct quotations from all texts to assist you with the development of your assertions.

Use research to enlighten significant concepts or ideas surrounding your chosen theme.

For example if you elect to consider how the play and the related works present conflicting ideas about a specific psychological state shared by the characters, then perhaps you would want to look for articles that address related psychologicalissuesor concepts. Or perhaps you might be interested in examining a specific social or political intersection among your chosen works. In this case, sociology, current events, or history articles might offer you insight.

Kate Chopin, “The Story of an Hour”
William Faulkner, “A Rose for Emily”
John Updike, “A&P”
Charles Baxter, “Gryphon”
Anne Tyler, “Teenage Wasteland”
Margaret Atwood, “Happy Endings”
Tim O’Brien, “The Things They Carried”
James Baldwin, “Sonny’s Blues”
James Joyce, “Araby”
Ernest Hemingway, “Hills Like White Elephants”
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”
Raymond Carver, “Cathedral”

Marianne Moore, Poetry
Janice Mirikitani, Suicide Note
Robert Hayden, Those Winter Sundays
Robert Browning, My Last Duchess
Emily Dickinson, “Hope” is the thing with feathers —
Thomas Lux, Pedestrian
Adrienne Rich, Living in Sin
Gary Snyder, Some Good Things to Be Said for the Iron Age
Ted Kooser, Wild Plums in Blossom
Rober Frost, Nothing Gold can Stay
Kay Ryan, Blandeur
Martin Espada, My Father as a Guitar
Sylvia Plath, Daddy
Mary Oliver, Wild Geese
Theodore Roethke, My Papa’s Waltz
William Stafford, Traveling Through the Dark
Yusef Komunyakaa, Facing It
Billy Collins, Introduction to Poetry
Jim Daniels, Short-order Cook
Sharon Olds, The One Girl at the Boys’ Party

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