Literature Review and Individual Project Proposal

Literature Review and Individual Project Proposal

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The number of overweight children in Australia has seen a marked increase recently. Causes of obesity in children are multiple and complex.
In this assignment, you are required to construct a literature review on childhood obesity. You are expected to address the following points in your literature review:
• What is childhood obesity and why is it a problem in the community in Victoria, nationally and worldwide?
• You need to clearly demonstrate, using current and relevant literature, the link between childhood obesity and the development of chronic conditions in later life.
• What interventions have been put into place to try to curb childhood obesity? You will need to discuss 3 health promotions/public health interventions that have been put into place either in Victoria, in Australia or anywhere in the world. When discussing interventions, you also need to discuss their evaluation to ascertain whether they have been successful or not. Please note that you need to look at public health or health promotion interventions and not pharmaceuticals or surgical interventions.
• What is the role of the nurse in the prevention of childhood obesity?
You are required to write an introduction highlighting the focus and scope of your assignment and a conclusion at the end of your assignment. As this is a literature review, you are also required to succinctly detail key words used to retrieve your literature (no more than six) and document your search strategy (for example what are the databases searched). There are many databases you can use available via the library website such as Medline, ScienceDirect, ProQuest, Google Scholar etc.
At least 20 to 25 quality references, the majority retrieved from peer-reviewed journals are needed for this assignment. References should be recent (not older than 7 years). Older references are appropriate, only if you are describing a historical perspective. No more than 3 references should originate from textbooks or reputable academic websites.

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