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Live stage productions, such as musicals, plays, ballet and opera convey both a story and a range of emotions by using a number of different media. Discuss your chosen element of communication theory in the context of a production of your choice.

Write an essay of 1600 words using one of the titles shown. Please note that diagrams, quotes, appendices and tables do not constitute part of the word allocation. This essay is worth 40% of the marks available for the module.
Marking Criteria

15% Presentation and style

15% Conforming with instructions

25% Content and knowledge

25% Thinking, analysis and conclusion

10% Methodology

10% Practical and interpersonal skills
Understand the question/title
They are 3 things to look at
-topic/content words or phrases,these tell you the main subject of the assignment
-limiting/focus words,these tell you what aspects of the topic to write about
direction words,these tell you what to do
Think critically as you read and research
relate what you read directly to the essay question
which aspects of your research are relevant?in what way?
what do they indicate?
how will it help you to adress the question?
Evaluate the source itself,e.g
-is the argument clear and consistent?
-is the evidence underpinning and convincing?
Compare views,e..g
-points of agreement/debate between scholars
Relate everything to the question
As you write ,keep in mind the fundamental rule of essay writing:Answer the Question
Discuss-probably the most common word to appear in essays titles and usually requiring analysis and evaluation of evidence as well as weghing up arguments and drawing conclusions.
Use signpost(linking )words to create flow within paragraphs,e.g
-in addition to these arguments,it is worth considering…
-furthermore,x has pointed out that…
-similarly,more recent research by z….
One paragraph per theme/topic/aspect of topic
-Topic sentence:make the first sentence of each paragraph the key one:it should signpost the content and main argument of the paragraph
-Supporting sentences:these utilise evidence to support the argument
-Concluding statement:how does the evidence support your point?/reflect critically on the point.
Make clear points
Again,Think critically:what is the difference between descriptive and analytical writing?Use analytical writing ,e.g adress the question,explores in a critical way the key fact,evaluate strenghts and weaknesses of the argument and the evidence presented
REFERENCE YOU SOURCES,use references to support your thougts
Rephrase ideas rather than substitude words
Check punctuation and grammar when you review
Be concise ,avoid using unnecessary words
Avoid using contractions e.g -cannot:not can’t,was not:not wasn’t
Avoid informal,conversational or inappropiate language or colloquialisms,
-the respose to the idea was really great
-the response to the idea was positive.
Have a clear ,well developed and sustained argument.
Standard academic presentation is required, including:
? Concise and appropriate business language
? Fully referenced using the Harvard system which includes a single
alphabetical order bibliography containing all sources used for each
piece of work
? Unless advised otherwise, all work should be typed and space 1?
? Please note that all submitted work must use the Times New Roman
font, regular style and font size 12.
Keep to an academic essay style,write in the third person
Harvard Convention
Direct quote(surname,year,page)
Indirect quote Surname(year)
Surname,initial.(year)title publisher

sets the scene/present a map for reader,tries to capture the readers interest and ussualy starts with the title or a part of it
This is the main section of the essay where you will discuss in more depth the issues raised by the question
the structure of this section should follow that signposted in the introduction
Each major theme or issue should be explored in a logical sequence
Make sure:
-you adress the question
-you cover all the important points
-the points you make are clear
-you avoid narrative writing
Your arguments should be supported by appropiate use of primary sources(letters documents) and secondary sources(books and articles by academics)
They should also engage ,where appropiate,with relevant areas of debate in your field
Essay need to have a clear ending
Summarise the main points of your arguments
Make it clear
In the conclusion you don’t add anything new never just summarise what you already said in the essay and should be reasonably substantial -a good paragraph ,rather than two or three sentences.
Sorry if they are too many things but you have usefull tips in there to make my essay the best.

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