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In “Lomba,” the reader is introduced to a journalist who’s been imprisoned for what they say is anti-government activity. Like the journalist in the article, he’s cut off from family and friends and at the mercy of his imprisoners. Interestingly,it’s his writing that gets him into trouble while in prison, but it’s also what “saves”him temporarily when he’s asked to write the warden’s love poems Click http://en.rsf.org/nigeria-men-in-plainclothes-abduct-04-07-2014,46586.html link to open resource.

The author could have definitively said what happened to Lomba at the end of the story. Instead, he chose to make Lomba’s fate uncertain to the reader. Why do you think he did this? What plot and thematic purposes does this choice serve?
If the utility function is: Consumption Function:
U(c, `) = c ? ` 1-? .Y = (l + k) ah 1-a ,

Labor Supply:
Demand for a commodity x is D(q) with a decreases in q = p + t
Supply for commodity x is S(p) with an increases in p
Equilibrium is satisfied under the condition: Q = S(p) = D(p + t)
Begin from t = 0 and S(p) = D(p). So as to characterize dp/dt: the result of a tax increase on price, which regulates the load of tax:
Adjust dt to causes changein dp so that equilibrium holds:
S(p + dp) = D(p + dp + dt) ?
S(p) + S’(p)dp = D(p) + D’(p)(dp + dt) ?
S’(p)dp = D’(p)(dp + dt) ?
dp /dt = D’(p) /S’(p) – D’(p)

Therefore with the derivation above:

c ? ` 1-? = v(l + k) ah 1-a

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