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London Luton Airport to King cross station

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6. Assessment Criteria – Assignment 1: Group Presentation on 05.12.14 From London Luton Airport to King cross train station for king cross london station i have done picture observation and for london luton airport you can just look at materials Hi for my part is just a short one basically for my first question i have chosen Backpackers travelling alone or in pairs and for my second question i have chosen question c) Passenger environment and facilities for use while waiting; basically you can give examples of A American couple who just landed in London Luton airport for the first time what facilities are available for them to use while they are waiting for their train to King cross and for the king cross i went there myself taken a few pictures inside the station some of the facility they offer i will send you the pictures but for London Luton airport i didn’t go there I don’t have any pictures of London Luton airport I am sure you can find it. You can see the assignment below. Assessment 1: a verbal presentation of observations and findings from visits to a major transport hub. This will be carried out by a small group and will require thoughtful application of the theory of the ‘whole journey environment’ discussed in the module. You have been commissioned by the British Tourist Authority (BTA, now trading as Visit Britain) to investigate the practicality of encouraging more visitors to Britain to use public transport as a more sustainable alternative to tour coaches, private cars and domestic airline services. You will present the client with your findings in two parts. In the first stage of your enquiry (Assignment 1), you will work as a member of a small research team, reporting back through a verbal presentation. Drawing from your seminar readings as well as original research, your team will make recommendations. You must make it clear what organisations would be responsible for the action you suggest. You will be allocated to a small team of researchers to conduct a site survey of one of the following railway termini in central London, all of which provide an important transport interchange for international passengers: Liverpool Street; Paddington; Victoria; St Pancras International, King’s Cross. As a member of this group, you will firstly ascertain the key flows of inbound international passengers arriving at the station by rail. In other words, you will identify the main airports or ferry-ports through which they have previously entered the country, consider where are they going and the means of transport they will use to make their onward journeys. You will make observations of the station and identify all the transport operators based on the site (including the adjacent streets): the station operator; the train operating companies; underground lines; bus and express coach companies. You will then critically assess the quality (i.e. fitness for purpose) of the station as an interchange facility for inbound international passengers with particular regard to TWO of the following target markets for inbound (from other countries) vacational (holiday) tourism, and visiting friends and relations (VFR): – Backpackers travelling alone or in pairs – Parents with young children under 5 years – ‘Empty nesters’: older people who are retired from paid employment, but affluent and still physically mobile For the two markets you have chosen above, critically assess all of the following issues, which are key aspects of an ‘integrated’ public transport system for the ‘whole journey environment’, as discussed in this module: a) Accessibility and ease of physical interchange; b) Convenience of ticketing for onward travel; c) Passenger environment and facilities for use while waiting; d) Suitability and convenience of service information.

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