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Develop a searchable question using the PICOT format. (The question is a single statement identifying the components of PICOT.)

The PICOT question must be based on LVAD patients with recurring line drive infections that lead to re-admissions to the ICU. (Or something regarding the readmission of LVAD patients to ICU.

Refer to “Developing a Question” and “Topic 1: Checklist.” (Documents attached)

Preview and utilize the “Topic 1 Checklist.” (ATTACHED) This resource will assist you in organizing your work and will provide additional information regarding the assignment.


Consider the clinical environment in which you are currently working or have recently worked (SURGICAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT) Collaborate with a leader or educator in the clinical environment to identify a problem (READMISSIONS OF LVAD PATIENTS), issue, or educational deficit upon which to build a proposal for change.
In a paper of no more than 800 words, describe the nature of the problem, issue, or educational deficit. Include the following in your discussion:

1.The setting and/or context in which the problem, issue, or educational deficit can be observed.
2.Detailed description of the problem, issue, or educational deficit.
3. Impact of the problem, issue, or educational deficit on the work environment, the quality of care provided by staff, and patient outcomes.
4. Gravity of the problem, issue, or educational deficit and its significance to nursing.
5. Proposed solution to address the problem, issue, or educational deficit.


Locate a minimum of 15 peer-reviewed articles that describe the problem or issue and that support the proposed solution. Eight of the 15 articles must be research-based (e.g., a study which is qualitative, quantitative, descriptive, or longitudinal).

Preview each of the 15 articles chosen by reading the article abstracts and summaries.

Hint: Article abstracts and summaries provide a concise description of the topic, research outcomes, and significance of findings.

Perform a rapid appraisal of each article by answering the following questions (one to two sentences are sufficient to answer each question):

1.How does each article describe the nature of the problem, issue, or deficit you have identified?
2.Does each article provide statistical information to demonstrate the gravity of the issue, problem, or deficit?
3.What are example(s) of morbidity, mortality, and rate of incidence or rate of occurrence in the general population?
4.Does each article support your proposed change?

Prepare this assignment according to the APA 6 guidelines!!!!!! PLEASE CITE REFERENCES AND PROVIDE REFERENCES IN APA 6. An abstract is not required.


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