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MA TESOL/Classroom Observation Assessment

The assessment for Classroom Observation is split into two parts. In the first, you are asked to discuss approaches to grammar teaching; the second part gives you more freedom, and is based upon your observation of a video or of several videos. Both answers ought to contain a coherent blend of theoretical discussion and analysis of data.

In your assignment you should use at least 10 academic publications (by quoting, paraphrasing etc.), which should then also be included in a reference list at the end of your assignment.
Attention:MUST watch the video i sent to you.
Video link:

Discussion of Approaches to Grammar Teaching

Using published sources to help you, explain and critically compare some current approaches to teaching grammar in the ESOL classroom. Your discussion must include an assessment of task-based learning (TBL), and you should also refer to PPP. If space permits you may wish to extend the discussion to other models you read about.

In the course of your essay, you must refer to the lesson ‘Part One Video: He’s been to Turkey’ (on VITAL, under Assessment) and decide which approach to grammar teaching the teacher seems to have adopted. Please also evaluate the lesson, suggesting possible improvements or alternative approaches. If you wish, you can find another example from a published coursebook that provides a contrast with this teacher’s approach, and compare them. (Any coursebook pages you refer to in your assignment should be scanned as an appendix at the back of your assignment.)

This answer should be no longer than 2,000 words long and contain at least 5 references to academic literature, published in English.

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