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Description: Critically discuss the evolution and development of the event industry in a Qatar identifying size, range and scope of activities, market and role. Paper Organization & Content (50%) ? Clearly defined purpose and scope of the paper (5%) ? Logical and interrelated flow of ideas building on a theme (15%) ? Detailed discussion of size, range and scope, market and role (15%) ? Critical analysis of content (10%) ? Conclusions or Summary (5%) Sources and Quality of information (35%) ? Relevant sources of information (15%) ? Proper use of primary and secondary sources of information (15%) ? Range of information sources including academic references (5%) Overall Flow (15%) ? Referencing protocols evident and consistent (5%) ? Professionally presented (10%) ? Academic writing style (5%) Report should be fully referenced using the American Psychological Association (APA) style. The essay should have a clear statement of the argument. Essay topics will contain certain key terms such as , analyse’, ‘discuss’, ‘critically evaluate’, etc. It is important to have a grasp of these terms as they will guide you as to what is expected. The essay must be written in the third person: e,g. evidence suggests that.. The essay is forma in both structure and language. It should have a WELL DEFINED INTRODUCTION, BODY, and CONCLUSION.

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