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Management Theorist

read requirement and combine with the Theoretical Perspectives. We choose three theories which are Henri Fayol, Henry Dennison and Elton Mayo`s that is very important.


Students are required to provide a class presentation of a biography of a leading management theorist and the context in which that person’s theory was first developed. Additionally, students will be required to compare and contrast this theorist from two other management theorists (either historical or contemporary). This means a total of three management theorists will be examined for the case study. Students are encouraged to discuss their choice of theorists with the Lecturer-in-Charge. The approval of the Lecturer-in-Charge regarding the theorists chosen for this study must be obtained before the study is undertaken. Students are expected to provide a detailed class presentation of approximately 15-20 minutes followed by a ten minutes question and answer session. The time limit will be strictly enforced. A written report comprising a contribution of approximately 2,000 words per group member must also be lodged electronically via Turn It In on the subject’s Moodle Page.

Project Requirements

?    Present short biographical information about a noted Management Theorist that you have studied in class.
?    Present details about that person’s Management Theory
?    What were the influences that may have contributed to the development of that Management Theory?
?    Compare and contrast that theory with two other Management Theories
?    Are any of the three theories you are researching useful in organisations today?
?    Explain with reference to at least two organisational examples.

The three theories are : Henri Fayol, Henry Dennison and Elton Mayo. I will give you a theory time line which has some detail of these three theories. And answer all above question and follow this structure that is very important.
Notices: In this paper must use this three theories to compare and contrast this theorist from two other management theorists (either historical or contemporary).

Assignment Structure (applies to all assignments). You should consider the following as the structure for your assignment
• Title page (not included in the word count)
• Table of Contents (not included in the word count)
• Executive Summary
• Introduction
• Body of the Work (identify what you consider to be important themes drawn from the relevant literature and organisational examples you have chosen to consider).
• Conclusion
• Reference list (not included in the word count)

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