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Managing people at work

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Essay Question:
Why is diversity management an important consideration for people managers today? Discuss the ways in which diversity management can impact an organisation.

This essay should be single spaced & 1500 words and should use harvard style for referencing and Please use Intext citations, this is a must.

Resources are provided from me in the attached files for help, also please use your own Acadamic sources to discuss issues in managing people like:
*Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development

*Employment Relations and Industrial Relations

*Organisational Behaviour and Critical Management Studies

*Psychology and Sociology

Essay should have a clear introduction, body and conclusion. Headings are permitted, but should be used sparingly.

Must use harvard referencing and must use Intext citations and own acadamic sources should be used and mention in the references.
provide the referencing list at the bottom of the page.

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