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First 3 pages will be on researching extentsialism and how marguerite dura was connected to french existentialists and how she is a rebel firgure. Why she is considered a important writer and political activist. Establish how marguerite dura was influenced by growing up in indochina Section 2 should be about how living in 1930s indochina that dura saw herself as a existential rebel figure who was living in an absurd world and that for her to live fully to live an authenic life and to be true to herseld she must take risks break boundries and derive meaning balue from wherever she can Then talk about the absurd world she lived in her relationship to white colonial society in indochina, her family situation, ties and barriers to asain communities in indochina, her situation as a student in saigon, explain why she must become a rebel out of necessity. Explain her white dress the mans hat and general attitude reflect the young dura rebellious and defiant personality Section 3 Introduce the relationship between the you g dura and her chinese lover identify and explain the movites of the relationship, emontal and physical needs for the relationship Introduce and explain the main idea of the flim that what begins as a rebellious act for a variety of reasons is fueled by erotic passion and intense sexual experience which leads to genuine emotions of affection and feelings of love despite denials and fears Note you need to watch the movie on youtube called the lover its free and in English and qoutes from the movie or scenes

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