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Analyse the barriers associated with entering a market and the ways in which these can be overcome You will have to create a slide deck based on the Slide Deck Template under the assessment table of no more than 15-20 slides addressing the below question. You then have to write a transcript to support these slides in the notes section of the Slide Deck. You can submit the Slide Deck with the notes through TurnItIn. Using your own business / business idea or another start-up or early stage company, identify three markets to enter. These markets could include entering into a new industry; for example, your technology that was developed for the tourism industry that can be used for the sport industry. You could also consider entering into a new state or country as well as a new demographic. Here are some basic guidelines for the submission: • Introduction: Give a brief background of what the slide deck is about and also give a background about the business. • Market Opportunity Analysis o For each opportunity, share the market research to justify why you have considered entering into the new market • Market Opportunity Barriers o Highlight the key barriers for each of the opportunities that you may face when entering into that market. • How to Overcome the Barriers o For each of the new market opportunities, identify 2-3 strategies that you could use to overcome the barriers of entering into the particular market. • Conclusion / Summary • References A minimum of ten (10) professional references (journals, reputable websites, government papers, etc.) are to be used. Please write your transcript in the notes to the slides

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