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https://sites.google.com/site/724ecialdiniwiki/chapter-1-weapons-of-influence chapter1-7 in this website Prepare a seven – ten page research paper covering each of the 6 (six) Weapons of Influence and presenting a marketing case study sample for each Weapon of Influence. Commitment & Consistency Reciprocation Social Proof Liking Authority Scarcity The paper is to include a minimum of one example per Weapon of Influence and an explanation of the following: The Weapon(s) of Influence that are utilized in the marketing sample. How the weapon works (ie- what is the Click, Whirr response) Your Evaluation of the use of the weapon in the advertising. Papers are to be submitted BOTH as a printed hard copy and electronically as an MS Word attachment in FoxTale on or before the dates indicated on the course schedule. All papers should meet the following standards: · Specified pages in length +/- one paragraph (not counting cover page or reference page) · Double spaced · One inch margins on all four sides · 12 point font, Arial or Times Roman · APA citations in the body of the text with a reference page at the end of the paper citing resources used · Number pages · Cover page with your name, date, paper title

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