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Materials Design.

The aim of this assignment is to design a set of original materials for use in the ESL classroom (and hopefully for use during Practicum). A good ESL teacher is able to design materials that are tailored to a specific learner group. This assessment task will give you practice in doing this. It is a essay describing how our lessons will help learners and why we have chosen it etc
The materials are to be based around a chosen topic/theme/ language focus and aimed at a specific learner group. You will, therefore, first need to define your learners e.g. age, background, language level, size of group, context in which the group is learning etc. You then need to create a series of 6 tasks/activities that can be used to teach your chosen topic/theme/language focus to these learners.
Your tasks/activities must include:
• a warmer (introductory task)
• a pronunciation task
• a vocabulary task
• two tasks, each based on a different macro skills (i.e. Speaking, listening,reading, writing)
• a further task of your own choice.
Note: Students are encouraged to include a specific grammar based activity
This assignment you will need to:
1. include a brief overview of your learner group
2. justify your choice of topic/theme/language focus for this group.
3. describe each task e.g. what is the language aim of the task? what resources do you need to run it? how will you run it? (students may prefer to include a mini lesson plan for each task).
4. include copies of the materials you will use.
5. conclude by discussing any potential issues that you foresee in using these materials
Additional advice:
• Think about the principles for designing and running tasks and activities.
• Be creative and original in how you design your materials
• Think about how to most effectively present this assignment
• You may use ELT student and teacher books for inspiration but do not copy directly from course books
Where relevant use ELT theory and in-text citations to support your claims and if relevant provide a brief reference list.

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