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Topic: Mental health and wellbeing of children and families; Post natal depression.

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Case study Ms O at six weeks post natal was very tearful and was believed to be experiencing post natal depression. Lives with partner who works away from home and 3 children under 5 years. Relatives live far and make contact by telephone. health professional identified need for emotional and mental support; Interventions at initial interview by Health professional, completion of Nice whooley questions , information of community support services eg, invited to local children centre; 2nd home visit was listening visit & Edinburgh postnatal screen which scored 14. information about support services eg; GP & “Newpin”. Encouraged to access local children centre and activities. 3rd listening visit. Agreed to access support service Newpin, Common Assessment Framework referral consent obtained and made by health professional.
ASSIGNMENT: Analyse the strategies/interventions in place to meet the needs. Must show understanding, synthesis, critical reasoning and reflection & implication/application for practice. Must be written in 3rd person.

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