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Microeconomic analysis of a company

Wal-Mart at 1400 164th St SW Lynnwood, Wshington 98087, the shoe department
– Present and overview of the firm selected for the microeconomic analysis.
– Identify the specific Determinants of Demand that would be applicable to this particular firm. Preliminary assessment of the approaches the firm could consider to increase the level of demand.
– Identify the specific Determinants of Price Elasticity of Demand that would be applicable. Assessment of the product’s current demand elasticity.
– Discuss the expected “Utility” (value) obtained from the firm’s goods or services.
– Identify the specific Factors of Production for the firm.
– Present a comparative analysis of the firm’s fixed and variable cost structure and the projected marginal cost of increased production.
– Discuss the conditions that determine Market Structure and which one the firm operates within. An assessment of the firm’s pricing strategies based on the Market structure in which they operate.
– A summary conclusion based on this analysis that determines whether or not the firm is operating at the level of output where MR=MC.
– Recommendations you would make to bring the firm closer to its profit maximizing level of output.

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